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  • The Publisher Brief: Global Privacy Platform (GPP)
    on March 23, 2023

    Launched in 2022, the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is a framework developed by the digital advertising technical standards body, IAB Tech Lab, to simplify the complex requirements of global privacy. In this edition of The Publisher Brief, we look at what publishers need to know about this new protocol, and the next steps they should take.

  • WEBINAR: The Publisher's Guide to
    on February 22, 2023

    In the second part of our ads.txt Grid Guide webinar series, our team shares critical tips and insights for implementing

  • The Publisher Brief: The Industry Responds to Google Topics
    on February 16, 2023

    A year on from its reveal, Google Topics might be ready for a wider audience, but that doesn’t mean it won’t face a few roadblocks on the way. In this Publisher Brief update, we explore the industry’s response to Topics in 2023. 


October 19, 2022

State of Programmatic Trends 2022

Changing consumer habits as a result of COVID-19 coupled with a rapidly evolving global privacy landscape are driving a seismic shift in digital advertising. As the dominant method for executing digital buys, programmatic, too, is experiencing simultaneous rapid expansion and disruption.