The future of programmatic. Redefined.

Programmatic supply has grown complex, expensive, and overly reliant on buy-side platforms. Curation empowers agencies, publishers, and data owners to reclaim control of the supply chain and redefine their value in the marketplace. 

Audience extension at scale.
No trade desk required.

Monetize your audience wherever they are with curation on The MediaGrid.

Publisher audience extension has often been at odds with the way agencies want to buy and publishers want to sell. With curation on The MediaGrid, that friction disappears. As a publisher, you can package your audience with third-party supply into a private deal which can be activated via any DSP. So you can enjoy all of the benefits of audience extension -- without the hassle of running your own trade desk.

Why partner
with The MediaGrid?

Simplified deal management

Your team can quickly and easily create data-enriched packages to suit any campaign in just a few clicks.

Quality and scale, guaranteed

Pick the supply that best complements your audience, then scale it across exchange inventory in a single deal.

Tap into new revenue streams

Monetize your audience at scale, wherever they are on the web – without the cost of managing your own DSP seat.

Your data, in safe hands

Our comprehensive data ingestion and ID management policies mean that your data is always secure.

How it works

Publishers package their audience data with off-network inventory into Deal IDs.

How it works

Publishers package their audience data with off-network inventory into Deal IDs.

  • "We’ve been able to increase adoption of our premium supply and unlock new programmatic revenue by showcasing JW Player’s premium video offering to a broader set of media buyers in a transparent, brand-safe marketplace."

How The MediaGrid helps you
monetize your audiences.

Protect your most valuable asset

As a publisher, your website visitors are your most lucrative asset – but your ad unit inventory will always have a limit. Or perhaps you don’t run ads at all. With audience extension via curation, you can leverage your valuable first-party data outside of your own properties -- and do it at scale.

Simple setup, friction-free

If you’re familiar with building Private Marketplace (PMP) deals, then you’re already all set to begin extending your audiences via curation. Become a curator on The MediaGrid today and you can start unlocking the benefits of publisher curation right away. Even better, you can do it all from the same user interface as your SSP.