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Building Smarter Programmatic Pathways

The MediaGrid is a new supply curation and management platform that restores the relationship between agencies and publishers and empowers both sides with tools that drive greater trading efficiency, performance, and value in programmatic buying.

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What is
The MediaGrid?

Programmatic is rapidly becoming the dominant buying mechanism across all media formats.

This shift, however, has pushed media buyers and sellers farther apart and forced them to give up control over critical pieces of their media buying and selling strategies.

The MediaGrid aims to solve that by bringing agencies and publishers back together. Acting as neutral pipes connecting publisher inventory to agency curation tools and buying platforms, The MediaGrid allows for fully transparent and intelligent supply management, enrichment, and curation – unlocking unique value and greater performance for all parties.

Creating value for both buyers and sellers


  • Find the optimal path to preferred publisher partners
  • Curate unique supply paths for every client
  • Reduce fees paid to intermediaries
  • Shape inventory with proprietary data science
  • Gain log-level access to supply-side bidstream


  • Access unique demand from major brands
  • Map optimal pathways to buy-side partners
  • Reduce fees paid to intermediaries
  • Gain access to log level bid data
  • Minimize concerns over ad quality & fraud

Who we are

The MediaGrid is currently being incubated and developed by IPONWEB, a global leader in building programmatic trading platforms and infrastructure. Pioneers in RTB and ad tech, we have unmatched experience building advanced advertising systems for brands, agencies, and media owners across all channels. Visit to learn more.

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The MediaGrid

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