Learning Managment

Learning Management 

We have a defined professional methodology for e-Learning development, which we constantly review and adapt to meet new technologies as they become available. Substantial investment in Research and Development in multimedia technology and tools keeps Media Grid ahead of the Industry. We consistently deliver premium quality e-Learning products that exceed our customers' expectations. You will be impressed by our innovation, engagement of the learner and the effectiveness of our learning packages. If you have identified a need for an e-Learning course for your employees that is not currently available from our library of generic packages, or if your business needs a customized training solution, then our development team will design and develop a cost-effective bespoke solution for you. Program Development Developing e-Learning modules from existing training - such as an instructor-led classroom event, a PowerPoint presentation, or an operational procedure - is not simply a matter of converting from one format to another. It requires input and expertise from instructional designers, multimedia specialists and technical experts. Working with the creative team at TMG, your business will benefit from harnessing e-Learning as a hugely efficient tool to deliver corporate training programs. It can ensure your training reaches large, multinational or highly dispersed workforces. E-Learning will convey the same corporate messages and address the same learning objectives to every learner, whilst tailoring the specific content to individual audiences with regional or cultural differences. Such variations will be recognized and built into your learning solution, and you will have access to a wide range of language and graphics options to suit your international workforce. We pride ourselves on our reputation for "going the extra mile" to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget and are right first time. TMG is able to deliver solutions that are fun, engage the learners, are reliable, and genuinely enhance your workforce's competence and knowledge level.