Corporate Social Responsibility

The Media Grid (TMG) attaches immense importance to continual improvement in our processes, products, and the work environment to excel as a responsible corporate citizen.

At TMG, we believe that CSR starts with our own employees and expands outward to business partners, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. The foundation of ethical business practices is complemented by TMG's resolve to ensure value-based governance.

Socially Aware
Realizing that the TMG management, employees, customers and suppliers are major stakeholders in the communities where we operate, we have commenced a Socially Aware program that encompasses contractual obligations and voluntary services for all the stakeholders.

Pro bono publico
TMG realizes that its responsibility towards the environment and people is not only limited to financial considerations. With a mission to improve quality of life wherever our operations take us, all employees are offered to choose a cause most closest to their hearts, and dedicate one paid day in a month to a charitable organization of their choice.

We wish to exhibit responsibility as a corporate citizen, as well as take pleasure in knowing that TMG is contributing in the personal growth of its employees and stakeholders.

Helping make things better
We at TMG believe that education is a basic right of all individuals. While we may not be able to change the world, our mission is to contribute significantly into changing the lives of as many children as possible – by assisting them to complete their basic education, and by helping to provide for a loving and nurturing environment during their formative years.

How you can help
You can help TMG to make things better by either being a part of the 'Pro bono publico' or the 'Helping make things better' programs.